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I began Quality Time Daycare as an accredited early readiness program in my home. Twenty four years of bringing gentle growth guidance to families with children from birth to teen every step of the way.  Through those years,  I began witnessing my kiddos peers living in a fantasy reality from an ever changing technological world.  Seeing a storm brewing, like a captain adjusting their course, an urgency began in me, to create for these young minds an environment where it was safe to live life, ever present, experiencing wonder, all the while having a respectful voice with a preparedness for what lies ahead.  

Gentle growth guidance meant more than ever to work together with the families village.  As a team, developing a brave independent, confident, community minded, future leader, through positive disciplines, expectations, healthy habits, structure and boat loads of nature awareness.

A lifetime of families coming and going, mostly staying, all the while raising my three fabulous sons, being a Motocross Momma & wife.  I've honored my parents and in-law by respectfully taking care of them through their various stages of aging.  All the while being the second youngest of seven children, I've had to be creative in finding my own voice, just to be heard.

Balancing the family dynamic of being present while navigating the waters of being a teacher, business owner and employee requires structure, discipline, consistency in my daily routines.  Setting goals, failing and continuing to stay the course for my own village.  This has given me a greater compassion to share hope with others, navigating these same waters.

So we are online, expanding the reach to families beyond my own borders. 

Have you ever gotten overwhelmed...
Here at Whole Body Wellness, you will find a robust family resource for parents and grandparents who are looking for guidance nurturing their child's development, without feeling overwhelmed.

I fully understand being stretched in all directions.  Going through the daily tasks so routinely, putting all of your energy into responsibility and the loves of your life. 

Today, my passion, is to connect with You.  Parents & grandparents, like me, looking for someone to listen to and create an individual plan that focuses on your whole family wellness.  Getting that balance back by building a physically & mentally strong dynamic family.

You're Worth It! 

Nurturing others also requires nurturing yourself.  By making time for you, self-care allows an availability of overflow to give to others. Clarity will return, sleeplessness will be past, chaos banished!  Life is Good.  Living a life of balanced health and joy even through the difficult times. Creating the best version of you.

Vibrant-Stronger-Healthier-Sexier Beautiful You!

Let's Chart Your Course ...Together 

I would love to get to know you so please feel free to drop me a note in the contact section.

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Chase Your Dreams!  

Aina D

They are my inspiration and my why!

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