11 Essential Steps of Ego-Crushing Inadequacy for Success

Go that way, really fast. If something gets in your way- Turn.” Charles De Mar, Better Off Dead.
Some choice advice dispelled in the 1980’s.

It’s as true today as it was then. Someone else described this process in terms of business “Fail as fast as you can, so you can succeed faster.”
Bygone are the days of careful and strategic navigation through life and business the way our parents did.

Rough and tumble, fast and loose and roller coaster often defined the ups and downs of a familial experience over a duration spanning the course of several decades. Today, we use these terms depicting a life of uncertainty and adversity following the first 5 years after high school graduation.
Technological advances, economic upheavals and ever changing demographical wants force the hand of every business hoping to succeed in today’s occupational climate. Changing, adapting and learning on the fly are commonplace; while consistency and secure predictability are often in short supply. But, that’s just how it is. This is the norm.  Tumultuous swings in job descriptions often leave employees feeling out of sorts, out of their league or out of their mind.
There isn’t time to stew in your inadequacies however. You need to delve right in, go fast and if you find you’re doing it wrong, alternate your course immediately! Part of the adventure is making mistakes, fouling things up and dealing with the consequences. That’s just how things go.
Here is a rough description of what to expect:
  1. Accept responsibility for projects way outside your professional wheelhouse
  2. Get to work
  3. Do it absolutely incorrect
  4. Get called out in team meeting and embarrassed
  5. Try again but do it differently
  6. Make fewer mistakes
  7. Feel wildly incompetent
  8. Attempt to do it better
  9. Mostly succeed
  10. Do it again
  11. Blow everyone’s mind and accept praise for your successful act of genius
Don’t know what you’re doing? Chances are others don’t know either. The only way you’ll find out is only after a series of temporarily painful misfires that will eventually steer you towards the right path.

Just know that the only way to get better is to try. Try hard, do your best, lose the ego and go fast! If things aren’t going according to what you had envisioned, TURN!

Chase Your Dreams!
Aina D

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