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Ever heard of the phrase “trust your gut”? The latest science shows that your gut can affect your brain and your brain can affect your gut. Our levels of happiness vs. sadness, optimism vs. pessimism, togetherness vs. loneliness are not all in our head – in fact, a key contributor to mental wellness is determined by our gut.

Healthy GUT = Healthy MIND
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to strengthen & empower every aspect of the gut-brain-axis
From the delightful baby and toddler years to school-age and beyond, kids of every age approach the world with energy, curiosity, wonder, and yes—a seemingly infinite range of emotions and behaviors. As parents, sometimes it can feel like our kids are on a never-ending emotional roller coaster, but new research shows that our children might not be as responsible for their behavior as we think.

Why Your Kids 

Gut-Brain-Axis Matters

  • Improve mood and reduce tension
  • Improve physical energy, mental acuity and emotional well-being
  •  Supports the growth and vitality of a range of beneficial gut bacteria

How Much Do You Know About Your Gut/Brain/Axis?
An unhealthy gut can cause major issues but did you know it may also be responsible for acne, sleepless nights and joint pain? Digestive diseases encompass more than 40 acute and chronic conditions of the gastrointestinal tract ranging from common digestive disorders to serious, life-threatening diseases. As a group, the digestive diseases account for 8%-9% of total U.S. mortality.
While not every disease can be linked to gut health, the list of diseases being linked to dysfunctional microbiomes includes many human chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and asthma, as well as a long list of autoimmune diseases.

Health can be a difficult thing to manage. Many are looking to finally feel better naturally and restore waning energy.

From eczema to poor immune health, it seems that our gut health influences much more than we previously realized. It is now estimated that over 3/4 of our immune system resides in our intestinal tract, with over 500 species of bacteria present.

Overall, there are ten times the number of bacteria in the body as actual 

human cells, and this colonization of bacteria (good or bad) can weigh up to three pounds. With such a large concentration of bacteria in our bodies, it is logical that we depend rather heavily on them for health.

Many studies show that what we eat, as well as where we live, work or play may play a large role in determining if we have allergies, bad skin, digestive issues or even more severe diseases such as autism or cancer. It’s because of the gut’s direct link to the brain, as it is often called the ‘Second Brain’, that keeping it healthy is so important. Beneficial bacteria is necessary to properly digest food (especially starches) and to absorb nutrients. It plays a big role in overall immunity. With the rise of digestive problems like IBS, Crohn’s disease, Celiac Disease, colitis, allergies, etc., a good dose of beneficial bacteria certainly wouldn’t hurt.

Modern Western society relies heavily on pasteurization which irradiates and processes out any naturally occurring beneficial bacteria while at the same time feeding harmful bacteria with a feast of processed starches and sugars. From the time of our birth we pick up and are exposed to a myriad of diverse bacteria, both good and bad, but it’s this exposure to them that promotes the growth and health of our immune system and overall natural defenses against disease and sickness.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the norm anymore. More often, 
 the balance of good bacteria is altered by an abundance of starches/sugars/vegetable oils in the diet or destroyed completely by antibiotic use or other pharmaceuticals. Lack of exposure to bacteria in environment and food further aggravate this problem.

Once I understood what Hippocrates meant by "All Disease Begins In The Gut", I was able to put the puzzle together. I came to realize once the gut is "Out-Of-Whack" and the immune system gets compromised the body starts breaking down causing any number of other issues. With functional health solutions I have been able to get the right track to run on to a healthier me and to help others who struggle with many of these same issues my family has for years.

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