It Just Makes S.E.N.S.E
This step-by-step approach - supplement, exercise, nutrition, stress management, and evaluation - includes effective techniques and tips to create a healthier, happier you. 
Need to Overcome Your Weight Loss Plateau 
Tired of feeling like your body is out of control

Dig into the affects your brain, body, and biome (b3) are having and 
how to get the break through results of healing and health you are searching for.


From a practical point of view, many of us simply do not have the ability, time, or inclination to live the “perfect” anti-stress lifestyle to enhance our mental wellness
— this is where supplements play a prominent role.

Begin your microbiome balancing with a few, poignant core supplements. Note how you feel with the Project b3 regimen. Feel like something’s still missing? Further optimize your mental wellness and nutrition by adding in additional supplements as necessary.



It’s important to understand that the key benefits of exercise have as much to do with mental wellness as they do with physical health. 

With Project b3, a simple game of racquetball, a walk around the block, or a quick circuit of sit-ups and push-ups before you head out the door to work will go a long way toward getting your mental wellness index back into a healthy range. Even light physical activity will trigger a cascade of stress-busting benefits, from lowering blood pressure to improving mood.



What is the first thing many of us do when the stress starts to pile up? We pile up our plates — and we usually do it with junk. Nothing stimulates our cravings for sugar, salt and fat like a stressful event, but attempting to “eat your way out” is not the right approach.

For Project b3, the focus is a good diet. It provides an array of mind and body benefits, controls cortisol (too much cortisol accelerates muscle loss), balances blood sugar (fluctuations inhibit fat metabolism) and improves thyroid efficiency (improves overall metabolism).



When it comes to managing stress there are a nearly limitless variety of programs that incorporate different aspects of mindfulness, meditation, breath work, yoga, and biofeedback.

We focus on three categories: 1. avoid stress, 2. manage stress, and 3. get enough sleep. This may appear to be an overly simplistic approach, but these simple steps will provide the greatest return for the time invested, and will help lay the foundation for results.



The last step in the Project b3 and S.E.N.S.E. program reminds us that we need to alter our exercise patterns, nutrient intake and supplementation regimen according to our exposure to stress. For example, regular exercise and a balanced diet are always going to be important, but they become even more so during stressful times. Skipping breakfast during a period of low stress isn’t ideal, but it isn’t horrible. Skip that balanced breakfast during a high-stress period; however, and you’re setting yourself up for poor blood-sugar control, feelings of fatigue and problems maintaining mental wellness — each of which will be even more pronounced because of your high-stress profile.


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